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i-witness is a Christian database which displays eye witness accounts of what God has done.

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Ideal for: Chrisitians wanting to keep a record of answered prayer;
Churches and Christian Organisations
wanting to look back on what God has done for/with them;
Anyone seeking
to find out more about answered prayer and a God who deeply cares for His creation.
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This information can be searched so you can:

  • Find out what God has been doing in your area
  • At a specific organisation
  • On a specific date etc.


These accounts can be about something that seems big,
or something that seems small.
If the prayer's for good weather, or raising back to life of someone,
i-witness is all about recording the fact God is faithful to answer.
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Submit an account

Include as much information as appropriate, so it can lead other people to knowing God is real and does great works in peoples' lives. But please do not include anything highly intimate or confidential. Get permission if possible from those mentioned in your witness statement.


Please submit accounts, read accounts and be encouraged, pray bigger prayers, see them answered ... and let the cycle continue!